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  • Recent work:

A legal services company needed a title slide and template for their seminar on computer forensics. I originated and executed the idea of a close-up of an Escape key modified (via Photoshop) to become a "No Escape" key, reinforcing the presentation's message that not all deleted data is permanently gone. 

An organization of auto dealers were at a loss as how to choose, incorporate, and optimize their images for PowerPoint. I delivered a slick presentation to an audience not easily impressed. In the final version, the white headlight blinks twice quickly, as if to signal a desire to zoom ahead.


A fourth-party logistics provider needed to describe which activities it considered the core functions it performed throughout the supply chain. Color-coded builds showed that IT activities were a dominant function.


1 of 2: A consulting organization wanted to demonstrate it knows which decision support tools are needed in critical areas of the supply chain of chemical industry.

2 of 2: This graphic "drills down" to specific areas within the chemicals supply chain where quantifiable improvements might be made.

An ad firm's manufacturing client wanted its PowerPoint sales tools to match its collateral, but the firm did not have a PowerPoint specialist on its staff. Working with their creative staff, I was able to match the colors, layout, and look -- seamlessly.

eBox, a new company, wanted to demonstrate that they are a real company with real assets. This report cover shows one of their trucks in the midst of business as usual.

1 of 2: A consulting firm wanted a new PowerPoint template that echoed the major element of their logo: a four-diamond design with an offset right quarter. This is the title master.

2 of 2: This is the body master.

While at Accenture, I made frequent use of photographs as backgrounds and followed a strict set of branding guidelines regarding logo placement, text placement, esthetics.

A client wanted to demonstrate that several activities, all under various categories, were performed over time for the benefit of their clients (top portion). By contrast, competitors' offerings paled in comparison (bottom).

Embedded Excel charts and spreadsheets can be problematic in PowerPoint, especially with regard to formatting and readability. I am frequently improving the appearance of linked, embedded and imported objects.

Companies often show who they serve by displaying client logos, but clumsily cut and paste logos from websites or download files of inappropriate size and resolution. I am expert in optimizing these types of slides for screen and print. 

1 of 4: PowerPoint's built-in graphing utility lacks certain features needed by power users in business. This graph is a combination of a PPT graph and manually drawn elements.

2 of 4: Sometimes, however, a graph must be created manually to gain maximum control of its appearance, as in this example.

3 of 4: The same is true for other types of charts, as in this combination Gantt chart and flowchart.

4 of 4: This is another manually designed Gantt chart, comparing current and potential time savings.

A Chicago law firm specializing in construction law needed a template that connoted buildings, Chicago, strength, and subtlety. This dark green background and subdued Chicago skyline fit the bill.

1 of 2: XTL, a transportation firm, needed a PowerPoint template for sales calls. This was designed from scratch using supplied and stock photography.

2 of 2: An example XTL's body slides.
1 of 3: A meeting planner for a beverage distributor needed a PowerPoint template background for a major event. Here is one of several drafts.
2 of 3: Another variation.

3 of 3: A third variation.
  • Before and after:

1 of 2: The introductory slide to a presentation before a food marketing industry group lacked visual excitement. The photographic border of red shopping carts on the bottom was barely discernable.
2 of 2: The new intro is one half dark, one half light, and all about food marketing. The graphic metaphor of how point-of-sale technology transcends the two halves gives a sense of both unity and capability.

1 of 2: Fax of a diagram demonstrating that, between steps in a process, certain descriptions apply.

2 of 2: Finished slide. This took approximately 20 min to complete, including text.

1 of 2: A handmade drawing of a combination column/line graph extrapolated six scenarios of a trend. Client deemed it too difficult for his own PowerPoint skills.

2 of 2: For me, very little is difficult in PowerPoint. This slide was completed in about 25 minutes.


  • Branding:

A consulting firm with three principals had a name but no logo mark. The square-based mark accomplishes multiple tasks: it achieves the literal meaning of a "crosscut," it defers a slanted element to the text in an otherwise vertical mark, it expresses the idea of three equal parts, and it suggests by mathematical symbol (through the white space inside) that there "is no equal to" Crosscut Group.

(under construction - more to come)



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